Friday, April 24, 2009

WEAR: Bonobos Shorts

I haven't talked about these guys but I will showcase them soon.  But hot off the presses(email blast), the best pants a man can have, just got some company.  Bonobos, (named of course after that beloved ape) a company that prides themselves in creating the best fitting pants for the every man, have decided to expand on their shorts line with some more subtle looks.  Before they had some pretty exotic looking pairs much like the one in the middle, but thankfully they're branching out.  As you can see the fits are quite nice as well as handmade, and at $75 a pair not so bad either.  You have options of 7 or 9inch inseams as well.  
What makes these pants and shorts better then any other?  Besides the amazing soft materials they use, what you'll find or actually not find is the usual saggy bottom and fronts look you would in most pants these days.  Also no more straight waist band but curved the way it SHOULD be.  Not all of us guys are pencil thing models, and nor we should be.  After all, we don't all want to look the same do we?  
Do yourself a favor and head on over to Bonobos.  You'll find a wide array of pants in great cotton twills, khakis, and lots of lightweight, mid, and heavy cord pants (Mint Julips and the Capertons among my faves) as well as some nice silk belts and a few tees.  And to top it off their customer service is 2nd to NONE.  Order a few and mail the ones you don't want back; aren't happy with the fit after a good while? (and I mean longer then 30 days even) send them back with a good reason why you didn't like them and you'll get your money back.  What company would do such a thing?  Don't fret it, and go for this win-win situation.

$75 | BUY

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