Sunday, April 12, 2009

SHOWCASE: Leather, leather, oh my....

Ralph Lauren Collection

I LOVE leather jackets. For a while I was mainly obsessed with vintage leather, of the 60s and 70s variety. Even prior to the Fight Club enthusiasts, I had always loved the enlarged lapels, western styled jackets. Maybe here and there I'd throw in a motorcycle jacket as well. But it's been a while since I paid any attention to leather. Living in California rarely gives me the opportunity to wear any due to the heat. Thankfully that's changing with the newer collections of leather jackets coming out from many designers.

Slimmer cuts, paper thin, washed, fine leathers, different styles, these are just a few examples of what they are coming up with in terms of making leather jackets even more accessible to those that previously might have hesitated to purchase any.

E. Zegna Leather Bomber

The three major styles going around right now are the "fatigued" style (shown in the R.Lauren pic at top of post), an updated bomber styled jacket, and the slick and chill Moto Racer styled jacket (below).
Moto Style Jacket

You'll be seeing them in a variety of colors as well.  But nothing out of the ordinary.  Besides the usual tan or black colors, you'll be seeing lighter tones in creme colored and even whites.  No Matter what you'll have a huge variety to choose from.

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