Friday, April 24, 2009

FILM: Back to the slaughter house with Grindhouse, Machete

Faux Poster Art

Like most prolific Hollywood directors, Robert Rodriguez has been a pretty busy guy.  With talks of him rebooting a Red Sonja flick with his girl Rose McGowan, developing a new reboot of the Predator franchise, Predators, (please be better then Paul Anderson's flicks, please!) and a new sci-fi action flick called Nerveracker, which was thought to be his actual next film project, you'd figured he would be getting started on one of these right?
Well turns out it's none of these, at least not for the moment.  Machete, that small gag trailer, if you will, that he did for the Grindhouse films is actually finally coming to fruition. 
 Having already finished the script a while ago, he'll be co-directing with his long time editor, Ethan Maniquis.  Danny Trejo of course will be reprising his role as the lead.  While no word on whether it will have a theatrical release or straight to DVD, production is hoping to start in Austin, Tx this June.  Wherever it's released I'm sure we'll all be there.  Wikipedia states, "'This guy should be like the Mexican Jean-Claude Van Damme or Charles Bronson".  And to that we say YES.  Thanks to Norm for the wiki tip.

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