Friday, April 24, 2009

LISTEN: Parc Avenue by Plants and Animals

Album artwork for Park Avenue

Make no mistake this year has been no slouch in releasing some great music already.  With that said, I want to bring to your attention a little group from Montreal, Canada that should have caught it when they first released their debut in around early last year.  If you haven't heard of them by now, then look them up NOW.  Plants and Animals is composed of guitarist-vocalists Warren Spicer and Nic Basque, and drummer-vocalist Matthew Woodley.  
Their music?  Call it what you will, indie folk rock, progressive classic rock, folk-prog, but those who know better refuse to label them.  Let's just say the album has a great mix of everything all of which you can chill, groove and dance to.  Overall a very underrated band which some hipsters might find that just fine.  In my point of view the more people that know about these guys the more they'll love them and pass the word.  
I saw them in town a month or so ago, to a record breaking less then 30 people in attendance.  Visibly disappointed I'd say, they still played like champs to a stadium crowd, even had some laughs with the small audience and had a great set.  After the gig, I talked to Nic and told him, "come back soon, don't worry about the turnout, they don't know what their missing."  And you don't know what you're missing out on either, so for their sake, and MY sake, have a listen.  You won't regret.

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