Sunday, May 31, 2009

WATCH: Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer

As if we're not surprised, with last weeks premiere of Pixar's UP, a Toy Story 3 teaser trailer was attached to the film.  All the original cast of characters are back, as well as the usual feuding protagonistas.  We didn't expect TS2 to be any good and it was, can we hope for a hat trick?  I can.  UP was a wonderful film, and I have faith in Pixar all the way.  Well until Cars 2 comes out...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PLAY: Punch-Out!! for Nintendo Wii (Tyson not included)

I promised myself I would post this prior to it's release but my art blog got the best of me.  For shame I know.  Just recently released and long time coming, Punch-Out!! is finally here!  One of the most beloved NES games (and to some degree SNES games) has finally made a comeback to Nintendo's newest system.  The game itself has changed of course, now with the addition of 3D modeled characters, intros, crowds, but that's pretty much it for the most part.  You still have the same game at it's core that we all remember from back in the day.  You have all the original boxers from the first, a couple thrown in from Super Punch-Out!!, as well as some new comers.  There's also some drawn out cutscene-like backstories for each boxer as well.
The game can now be controlled via the Wiimote and Nunchuk, but classic gamers know that it's all about speed so you'll most likely switch to classic controller mode to get right into the groove of things.  Aside from changing fighting patterns of the boxers as you progress, not much has changed.  This isn't of course Fight Night, but basically a pattern recognition game.  This essentially can be considered a bad thing as it's little more then just an updated version of a classic game.  But there's nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion.  To top it off there's also a versus mode but unfortunately no online mode (what gives?).  Either way it's an incredibly fun game to play, and I would say a must have to any old school fan of the original.

$40 | BUY

TECH: Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

How's this for nostalgic and futuristic at the same time?  Combining old tech with new, the Muji Wall Mounted CD Player is one of a kind.  As you might have noticed it has a cord hanging from it.  And no it's not the power cable.  It's a pull string.  Yup.  Just like back in the day when our toys, lights and more were operated by a piece of string, we're able to relive those feelings.  The player itself is quite simple in design which makes it even better; it's controlled off the player, and the speakers are built into the body.  All you have to do is pop in the CD and pull the string and you're off.  It's also one of the pieces shown in the upcoming documentary Objectified, about the process and minds of our generations and others, industrial designers.

$180 | BUY

Thursday, May 14, 2009

WEAR: Outlier OG 4 Season Cycling Pants

Designed for cycling in the city, the Outlier OG 4 Season Cycling Pants not only become perfect for biking, but for practically every other occasion as well.  They stretch, breathe and are abrasive resistant.  Not only that they're self cleaning as well, while being water and grease resistant to handle anything you might be riding or even walking through.  The newly updated version of these trousers, have been given a few new details.  Bit smaller leg opening, crotch seam now more stretchable using a French seam, and a more comfortable waistband.  From the streets to the office, to just taking a walk, these pants are a must have.

$180 | BUY

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


That's right folks, from the people that brought you the Guitar Hero series, Activision and Red Octane, comes DJ Hero.  For those that just can't seem to even play a virtual guitar, there's always a virtual turntable waiting for you to kick start that next house party or even warehouse rave event.  Homemade DJs will be able to remix popular tracks, from genres ranging from R&B, motown, hip hop, to electronica, dance, and whatever else.  Now if only you could combine the guitars with the turntable...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MUST HAVE: The Cotton Suit

Running a little late as we're well into spring but it's never really late to get yourself a nice cotton suit you can wear during the early seasons of the year.  After all who wants to walk around in some thick wool suit when it's 80 degrees out, right?  The cotton suit isn't anything new, but why should you wait for something trendy to wear it?  It's only practical really, and something everyone man should have at least one or two in their wardrobe.  

You'll find a wide array of styles out there that will give even your regular suits a run for their money (figuratively and literally).  From the standard gray to pinstriped to the lovely seersucker there's something out there for everyone, and just like any suit you can pair it up with anything else you have in your wardrobe, making your dress choices almost limitless.  Breath easier, get a cotton suit.

USE: Skincando Combat-Ready Balm

I think it's almost obvious there would be skin products made specifically for our men in uniform fighting overseas, but it's still a bit of a surprise isn't it?  Used by soldiers fighting in Iraq, this balm protects against bites and heals your skin from pretty much everything which is hard to imagine.  From razor burn, jock itch (!!!), sun/wind burn, bites, cuts, and dry skin it will take care of it.  100% natural and organically homemade.  And IT WORKS.  Who said you can't be manly and slather on some balm at the same time too?

$25 | BUY