Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PROOF: You can always improve: Nintendo DSi

It's been a while since the original Nintendo DS arrived in the States.  Considered as groundbreaking new tech featuring touchpad capabilities built into the gameplay, this sort of thing has become almost normal when it comes to Nintendo.  We can always look forward to what they'll bring next.  With the arrival of the Wii and accessories like the Wii Fit, it's only gotten better.  And since then the DS has gone through a change.  

It started with the DS lite.  Slimmer, sleeker, the lite was definitely a sexy update on what had already looked like an outdated piece of gear.  And I personally was fine with that, I loved it.  I thought it was perfect finally.  But I guess you can improve on a perfect thing.  Arriving this weekend, the updated Nintendo DSi will finally be unveiled.  So what can you improve on something already improved?

Well add more of course.  Now even slimmer, the DSi will pack not one but TWO built in cameras, larger displays (although still the same resolution), better speakers, an added audio player, recorder, image enhancer, and a bunch of little features that fanboys will enjoy.  

No longer will you have to turn off the system to remove a cartridge.  Changing brightness on the fly is now possible, and it will even have it's own WiiWare like channel app system where you'll be able to download new apps to play just like on the Wii.  

Although with the amount of changes added you're going to have to take something out, and being that it's much slimmer now, it's lost it's GBA slot.  No more playing old GBA games, or even DS GBA slot add ons like rumble packs or Guitar Hero pads.  I'm sad about this as I love to play both systems games on one system, but it made sense to lose.  Last but not least, an array of colors for everyone.  And not the usual white and black either.  

If you missed out on the first DS, let the Lite pass by, this is the time to get into it.  You won't regret it.  There's a reason why Sony UMDs for the PSP have started to die out.  It's called the DS.  Well DSi in this case now.

$169.99 BUY

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